Betina Jung

Throw and catch, 60c60 cm

Time to remember, 80c60cm

If I could dance through my life, 120x70cm

Girl in a hurry, 60c60cm

You can take your hat on, 100x100cm

Dance all night, 100x100cm

Take a swing, 100x100cm

Flower power, 140x140cm

Blue nature make flower, 60x60cm

Butterfly, 120x120xm

Coastnature 2022, 120x120cm

Eyes on the ball, 90x160cm

Flower my nature, 160x90cm

Skjoldmø, 120x100xm

aalborgenserne – den begejstrede h34cm

Aalborgenserne – frækkerten h22cm

Aalborgenserne – arkitekten h25cm

Aalborgenserne – den fleksible h14cm

Aalborgenserne – den forsigtige h22cm

Glasfiber – Aalborgenserne – begejstrene h34cm

Glasfiber – Aalborgenserne – den muntre – frækkerten

Keramik – Balloner

Keramik – Krukke

Keramik – Krukke